– Greeting –

Constantly dedicated to becoming a unique company,
unflagging curiosity and a drive to create

Marusho Knit Factory has developed as a group, headquartered in Niigata, that provides proposals and integrated production covering everything from material development to design and distribution operations.

We value the spirit of master craftsmanship we have developed over the 180 years since our company was founded, while also making sure not to be bound by convention, but instead to constantly seek out the latest technologies, materials and technical knowledge that can be used to meet the diversifying needs of customers. This drive to create and drive to explore are our points of pride, as we engage in unparalleled craftsmanship.

Aiming to be “The Only One” rather than “Number 1”

We carry on our tradition, extending over 180 years, as we take on new challenges every day, led by the key concepts of “change”, “challenge”, and “charge”.

Motoyasu Sano

– Philosophy –

Marusho Knit Factory is confident and proud of its Made-in-Japan levels of product reliability and safety.
Our passion and product knowledge, passed down through the 180 year history of our company, are combined with our drive to take on new technologies, not allowing ourselves to be constrained by tradition, as we develop and manufacture products.

Providing customers with even higher quality products.
Our philosophy is to create products that put smiles on people’s faces.

– Passion for Quality –

Marusho is dedicated to maintaining high levels of technical skill and constantly improving our various technologies.
We are unflagging in our efforts to check that the right products are made the right way.
All of employees are united by their passion for our products and their gratitude to the customers that wear them.

– Dedication to Knitting –

We handle knitting starting from the planning stage.
“Knitting” encompasses a wide range of fields.
Our operations include pattern fabrication, yarn selection, pattern creation, and actual knitting.
When we plan new products, we study types of yarn, color patterns, garment patterns, and the like, focusing on each and every product.
Our knitting division studies and strives constantly to create knitted products that our customers can enjoy and feel confidence in. Knitting division members share a desire to be knitters who can feel fully confident in their products.