LUYUAN ROSE. Roses symbolize love. Products provided to customers from LUYUAN JAPAN CO., LTD, with love.
Materials such as luxurious cashmere are used in order to produce warm, comfortable, high quality products, so that customers can lead loving, rich lives through cashmere.
These cashmere knit products feature the soft, smooth feel of cashmere, natural and gentle on the body and the environment. This is a new, original Japanese brand.

This brand made its debut in fall 2011 as a collaboration between LUYUAN JAPAN CO., LTD, which has its origins in a Chinese cashmere manufacturer with an exceptional track record,
and the WHOLEGARMENT knitting technologies of veteran knitting company Marusho Knit Factory, which dates back to 1832 in the Edo era.
LUYUAN ROSE products are made using raw cashmere wool handpicked by LUYUAN ROSE, and are sold in Japan in department stores, on television, and via mail order.
They are also exported overseas to China and Taiwan via LUYUAN JAPAN CO., LTD, where they are sold mainly in department stores to wealthy clientele.

LUYUAN JAPAN CO., LTD has its origins in the Chinese company which is the world’s second largest cashmere spinner,
with an integrated production system that covers everything from raw wool purchasing to spinning. It has its own cashmere brand and directly operates 523 stores.


Environmentally conscious cashmere knitwear,
primarily made with undyed cashmere, produced using WHOLEGARMENT (seam-free
knitting) machines to minimize raw material loss and reduce costs

Environmentally Friendly Undyded Cashmere

These products are made with undyed cashmere, blending white and brown raw cashmere wool.
LUYUAN JAPAN CO., LTD developed undyed cashmere in 2003 as part of its environmental measures.
The garment manufacturing process uses no dye, eliminating the environmental impact dyes cause.

Cashmere is normally a natural material, but coloring it involves use of hazardous chemical dies and bleaching chemicals.
These undyed, natural colors were selected for their environmental friendliness, and to eliminate the water waste that accompanies washing processes during manufacturing.

White cashmere, in particular, requires difficult and careful selection, and is difficult to obtain in large quantities.
It is a rare and expensive form of cashmere, with a beautiful shine. We are engaged in an environmentally-focused project that encompasses everything from the raising and grazing of cashmere goats to material sorting and product commercialization.

WHOLEGARMENT sweaters can be completely manufactured using a single WHOLEGARMENT machine.
This approach achieves high efficiency, with production times shorter than conventional methods, and produces almost no waste, significantly reducing raw material waste in particular.
It is an environmentally friendly production method that achieves high efficiency and eliminates the need for large amounts of electricity and manual labor.
It saves electricity and reduces waste.

Commitment to Cashmere Knitwear

The brand uses the finest production processes, adjusting the extent to which cashmere twisted yarn is twisted as well as the thickness of that yarn.
The brand also develops soft and warm knitted fabric, and uses Japanese washing technologies (cashmere fulling) to produce the ultimate texture.
We are dedicated to achieving the perfect silhouette, using the technologies only a factory brand can provide in the manufacturing process, combined with the skills of Japanese craftsmen.

2014-15 Autumn/Winter Concept

・ Low gauge knit garments made with luxury cashmere.
  Soft and light, warm, comfortable, and thick.

・ High gauge 16G cashmere knit garments perfect for wearing as innerwear, so thin,
  light, and warm that you’ll forget you’re wearing them. Thin, superfine gauge knit
  garments that feel fabulous on your skin, made with the finest gauge of cashmere.

・ Undyed cashmere garments in natural colors (white and brown), coordinated with
  colorful cashmere knit garments using top dyeing with this year’s trendiest colors.
  This year’s trend is bicolored designs.

2014-15 Spring/Summer Consept

・ We are designing products that combine cashmere with natural materials,
  such as cashmere + silk and cashmere + cotton.

・ We are designing mid-level price range products made with natural Japanese materials,
  especially hemp and cotton.